Will there ever be something around an open world?

Yeah… Kind of a dumb question to a Lobby based game, but I need to ask. Will there ever be something close to an open world to explore with the ships? I would love playing that with NOTHING in it… just cruising around, being awesome… etc.


Would be nice insted of just sitting in the Hangar all day.



I really love the detail in that answer  :lol:

No, at the moment the sector conquest will be expanded.

Why do people keep asking for open world in a lobby based arcade game??? I actually see this question a lot. What, exactly, would be the point of an open world in this game?


Literally the only thing I can think of reminds me of the girls I know that played WoW and would just fly around the world going “oooh pretty” lol

To me, it’s like asking for an open world in an online poker game… Just isn’t necessary.