Will there be a reset after open beta is over?

Hello folks!

My friends and I are wondering if there will be any kind of reset when the final game version is released (meaning, open beta ends)? :dntknw:

Please let me know (with supporting info would be awesome :good: )


Thank you and see you in battle :bomber:

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No reset planned ever.

i agree with uhmari…the last reset occured during the open beta switch if i recall correctly…


all players - independantly of rank or prem acc would lose their efforts…


IF there would be a wipe the devs would probably notify us and state their reasons

It would be awesome to have a reply from a Dev, or somewhere mentioning that officially.


But I’ll trust you guys. I feel a lot better now! Hehhe :good:

Consider this:


If they wiped, they would be deleting rep/loyalty possibly paid for with real money. Riots would ensue, and probably a class action lawsuit, because they can’t just release the game + DLC on Steam to then undo the effort people spent on the game.


Basically, if they wipe, brown stuff will find itself impacting a fan. So yeah, I don’t really see it happening :stuck_out_tongue:


Open Beta = Release, these days. Especially with games like this. MWO did it, Hawken did it, Path of Exile etc. None of these games wiped after going OB.

It’s a necessary thing for funding further development, and pissing people off by wiping post-release would be counter-productive.

They commented on this on their Facebook page, no reset.

Makes sense NTT, just wanted to double check since I’ve never participated in an Open Beta for “free” games before.


Thank you guys for the replies.


Much <3


There is no wipe planned.