Wich are the fastest ships?

Hello space people of the internet. I LOVE fast ships and so I like to know wich ships are the fastest ones in game. Cant afford premium ships but feel free to include them. So far I’m doing 700 m/s sustained on my Hawk-M and with enough energy left to run all my active modules. Any other ships than can do that? On the Wolf I’m doing 670 m/s also sustained and with enough energy left to run the active modules. Both, the Hawk-M and the Wolf are synergy caped.

Under options > Game > Ship information ← change this to full. When you hover over the ship image, it should now show you the speed if it didnt already. as far as I know the inty from the fed are pretty fast, so just look from there. Maybe one of those more experience player can answer your question since for 2 years I still at r8 ships slowly maxing each and every one of them.

With the correct module setup, a lot of ships can hit the cap of 700m/s sustained, although many have downsides as well.


Majority of the Federation interceptors can hit 700m/s. Jericho and Empire interceptors technically still can reach that speed, but the build may need to sacrifice Shield/Hull slots for things such as Submatter Shield.


Gunships, with their Engine Overcharge (I think that is the name), can hit pretty high speed, although Empire gunships may not necessarily hit 700. Command fighters has Gravi-scanner, but scarcely any can reach 700 with that alone.

Fighters do have Cruise Engine, with which almost any Fighter can reach 700, at the cost of reducing turn speed with a afterburner to Frigate level, and reducing Strafe to 1m/s.

Thank you guys. Both answers are very helpfull.