wich account to enter game / how to change password

so how do I enter the game?

I registered an account but when I try to enter the game with the account information I use to log in here and at yuplay

the account does not exist for the game …

and how do I change the automatic password at yuplay site? there isnt an option under profile?

Try your E-mail address for login. It will work.

Since you cant tipp “@” in the login window, you have to copy and paste it in there.

If you want to change your PW, login at Yuplay and click at My Profile → Modify profile…

To log into game you need your yuplay account.

There should also be a password change option for you.

ok, thanks for the quick repley … Hironymus answer was on point

not being able to type @ in the log in screen is a real stopper guys ^^

but now I am in … but no clue what I am supposed to do in tutorial mission honestly,

but everything looks promising ^^ … greetings

Yeah… this @-problem is a bit… bad?^^

Just follow the instructions in the tutorial mission and than kill every red ship you can find.

What keyboard language are you using? I was able to type an @ symbol.

QWERTZ: German

You are right, this could be the problem, since friends of me (all german) had th same problem. I would like to test this but it seems that Star Conflict is unable to carry the change of my keyboard settings over. Oo

This issue is known. It happens because the alt button is not activated in the log in field.

Alright. Nice to know…