Why the Swindle?

So I read the bundles from GS to Xenochips. Yes it says maximum is 1000. that means i could potentially get lower.

I spend 100 GS thinking the lowest id get is 100 xenochips. i get 5. I spend so much time winning GS from individual contests and competitions just to be blown on a swindle…

This game. I am an unhappy camper.

but… but… the amount is displayed:


Also as you can see in the description - maximum amount of xenochips on player’s account is 1000, it’s not the amount obtainable from the bundle. 

I agree its not obvious on the bundle, but i always check this little text to be sure. That’s why i couldn’t stop laughing when they introduced it.


And this can somehow partially be justified by the nature of the xenochips bundles, they contain everything in it for sure.

But it nowhere says 100, so I have no idea why you would expect that. Because it’s logical? This game isn’t.

Max amount displayed for giving your wallet a challenge!