Why spending for Destroyer bp's again?

I’ll start by saying that we had reported disappeared destroyer bp’s. I’ve been told, and Koromac too, that those who had them unlocked would get back the bp’s,being a bug or not intended. Still nothing.


We had worked for them and payed for. I get that now they are drops or bought trough, trade and have to be crafted. But at least give back the blueprints.


I have manufactured the Vigilante already but i’d have to, again, unlock it’s parts bp’s(cpu, and 15m activators or w/e). If i have the ship, i had the bp’s right. Not that it matter but it’s gone, even though it’s a necessary element of what i currently possess. Where’s the continuity? Having the ship without the means to make it? Make sense?


Same for Sirius and Tyrant. That’s another 30 millions+ i’ll have to pay? I HAD BOUGHT THOSE ALREADY!!!


Question is. Are we gonna get back our destroyer related blueprints?


so it’s feature?