Why play pvp?

I dont even play pvp anymore. Why because you dont get anything out of it. now im just playing the same pve mission over and over… how long until until i stop playing? how long for you?



Fix the repn problem  Group ships in “squads” of 4 during a match, and only have the reps effect your squad. Make up some stupider reason than the reasons for remote instant armor repair… like magic or secure frequencies or something. Then you can still operate together but you cant have 12 ships group tanking each other. 


Fix the module problem. Open up modules to be universal again. Maybe restrict only the tip tiers to there respective ships. For example only warden ships can use III warden modules. 


more to come. 

Don’t get anything out of it? With a license active, a 12 minute PvE match will typically net me 6,500 XP, 160,000 Credits and 1,500 Reputation. A 4 minute PvP match will net me 120,000 Credits, 5,000 Reputation and, if I have a good game, upwards of 15,000 XP. Plus, most Contracts can only be completed in PvP.


Even losing matches, you typically get more out of PvP than PvE. The only thing you miss out on is the guaranteed green item.

I think you need to play a few more games.  

I had a similiar knee-jerk reaction but I’m pretty cool with the changes now.  


Would be nice to have more module options on some ships but I’m just using a different ship to do what I used to swap modules for, it has stealth and 20% faster missile reload so I’m pretty happy.  


Only thing I miss is the sub-faction class abiliites.  Particularly Warden’s Micro Warp.  

Don’t get anything out of it!?

So you only play games for the intangible items and money you can only use in the game?


Why play PvP?  Because other people are more fun to shoot at and be shot at by!  That’s why.


What the hell are you expecting “to get out of it” besides the fun of flying a space ship at blowing crap up?

Why ? Cause i get more money out of PvP , as out of PvE . Around 140k-160k every match. And when im the only one who do the mission objectives i even get 240k and sometimes even 360k out .

And all games are shorter than a single PvE match . Most times even 2 PvP matches = 1 PvE match.

Becaue PvP is for loyalty/rep farming :slight_smile:

1 Hour pvp = 2 to 3 mil (with license)

1 Hour PVE = 1 to 2 mil (with license)


Pve is boring and takes a long time. Pvp is fun and quick. Plus way more rep and loyalty. 



but, sadly, pve is the only way to pimp your ship without gruesome grinding and than breaking your bank several times over.

UNless you’re T3. than you can go and suck a xxxx

pvp gives more rank, and loyalty via contracts; pve gives more credits. pick whichever you need more and play that.

I play PVP because it is fun.  I don’t understand people who only play video games for virtual rewards.  It’s nothing but behavioral conditioning on a massive scale and it is the fault of World of Warcraft!  :kamikadze:




I play for games like this.

I dont even play pvp anymore. Why because you dont get anything out of it. now im just playing the same pve mission over and over… how long until until i stop playing? how long for you?

PvP gives rewards, regardless of winning or losing. I’m fairly sure that your not the target of some obscure bug that denies you said rewards. I can believe that you personally no longer find it personally rewarding to play PvP. However while odd, I suppose you might find it now more rewarding to play PvE. Granted PvE is repetitious with no variance beyond your team.


Was there ever an implication by any developer that a game, or mode, would continue to motivate you indefinitely… most likely not. If you bought a red car, and years later you no longer find red to be your favorite color… do you complain to the manufacturer or buy a different car?


When you leave… can we haz ur stuffs?