why i can't fight a full battle?

Please, can someone help me with this?

I never can play through a full battle, all the battles that i found is already ending. I just can play something like 2:00 or 4:00 minutes. Do i need configure my connection or something?

Sorry my english XD


If you are playing low ranks, this is common. Games are only up for about 4 or so minutes.

Even in the higher ranks battles go commonly 4-6 mins (mostly depending on the mode + what the MM creates). So it´s not your connection or anything it´s just the “speed of the battle”.

Normaly the battles you are thrown in just have started or run already for around 30-60 seconds so it´s not really so that you are thrown into an “already ending” battle. This is at least my common experience i made in terms of PvP and Co-Op rounds.

Does Star Conflict have the same feature as War Thunder where you can choose if you only want to enter battles that haven’t started yet?