Why are there no T3 scenarios?

It doesn’t really make sense to me why there are no T3 scenarios, I either get T2 and get very little money and average loot, or I get T4 scenarios which are almost impossible if you don’t have at least 2 squad mates with T4 ships. Dreadnaught sabotage in particular is almost broken if you don’t have 2 Empire frigate so they can snipe the damn missile launchers from safety. This is truly aggravating me since the scenarios are the best place to get good modules. 

do t4 turrets turn that fast? all you needed to do was sidestep faster that they turn, not a difficult thing to do on t2 with a frigate


alas, it explains why i havent been able to do t3 scenarios. how do i get t3 green modules then?

Do the missile launchers have more range in T4 missions ?


Cause in the T2 missions I fly (no experience so far with higher tier scenarios) it’s not necessary to snipe them with an empire frig if you’re to lazy to evade them, long-range lasers nicely outrange them and allow you to sit there immobile and lazy ;)wt .


Not that I particularly recommend this, as their low dps can be somewhat painful, but it works.

It’s not so much the turrets themselves, since they have blind spots, it’s the constant onslaught of Veteran/Captain/Commander ships that will maul you if you try to get in range of the turrets. 

i play t4 scenario all time and it’s not hard, maybe 80-85% win rate (some loss is because 1 player disconnects or dies at the start because inexperienced). the best way to do the missions is to blitz them, since the longer it takes the harder the spawns are… if you can’t do it fast, then what you want to do is kill the NPCs that shoot lasers, and don’t kill the others. the laser ones do 10x more damage and don’t miss, so if you kill them and leave the others, the mission will be easier (since there is a set number of npcs there can be at a time) meaning you won’t take so much damage.