Who has the best interceptors

Which race do you think has the best interceptors?

I like Federation due to access to recon & covert ops and (in T2) superior speed. ECM in T2 doesn’t get much in the way of modules and the high hull/shield from Empire/Jericho don’t make much difference when your overall survival stats are so low.

Really no comparison here. Fed wins hands down due to pure speed alone.

If the Ricasso was rank 9 I’d probably favour Jericho, but it’s not so Fed wins on speed.

Federation inties have the highest Energy Reg by far, which enables them to afterburn constantly out of the box, other factions dont offer that kind of energy reg. On top of that, Feds are the fastest too.

If you want a recon ship empire is your choice.

If you want a covert ops ship federation is your choice.

If you want a ecm ship, then chose jericho

steam DLC has the best interceptors, obviously