White flickering on sides of the screen

Character Name: Echelon

While i was playing, some strange white triangles were flickering on my sides of the screen in shape of triangles shown like on screen shot. I couldn take screen shot cuz they appear randomly, not often and last for about 1-2 seconds. What could this be?

NOTE: this screen shot was edited thru paint just to show you what i saw, its not a screen shot of the actual bug!!!

My graphic card is ATI HD6870 with latest drivers.


[user_config.xml](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=2541)

I’ve also noticed this on my AMD HD6700, however only at certain angles / points of view. It might just be a form of screen tear. I did reduce some of my settings and it seems to have sorted it. I’ll check my settings and let you know what I did.

Thanks for your report guys. If it is possible could you try to get a screenshot next time?

I am trying but no luck, it happens too fast, will continue to try tho…:slight_smile:

This is more a problem related to the map background. I know such issues form other games too. Somethimes the Environment box/spere, where the background texture is, flips out of the visible area and this white thingy will appear. I also have the feeling the texture form Devils Jaw needs a improvement. Its not that good compared to the other 3 maps.

But im interrested in what kind of graphic card you guys use. Currently im using a ATI Radeon HD 4890. Also all drivers up to date.

The most time the reddish nebula is buggin by my current settings.

[user_config.xml](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=2589)

Happening at random times through the game have noticed this 3 times tonight and happens to fast to take screen shot. Maybe I could film it and upload to private server and provide you the video error

I will check if there is need of a video and than I will come back to you;)

Charactername: amtarace

Small description: Random screen flickering

Here is a screenshot, look at the left side bugreport.jpg . I’m running Windows 7 64 bits, with AMD A8-3850 , amd HD radeon 6550D

nice, someone got it finally…:slight_smile: