Which weapons are the best choice for interceptor's main guns?

Hello fellow pilots!

As a rookie here I would like to ask some of the veteran lurking around here to give me some advice on which weapons are best for interceptors. So far I have mainly used lasers (mainly assault but have also used pulse on occasions) since they hit instantly, don’t have much scatter, have a decent range and also deal equal amounts of damage to both shields and hull they seemed as perfect newcomers weapons. I’m playing as Warden I had assault laser mkIII available what also contributed to my clinging to lasers for so far. However there is an overheating issue that can get in a way in some prolonged dogfights so I’m thinking about switching to some guns that don’t overheat. First I tried rapid-fire railgun but I was surprised what a misnomer that was… it’s more like a shotgun mounted on your wings. Rapid-burst plasma seems as a good alternative to lasers even though it has much shorter effective range that’s not much of a problem since I’m usually sticking close to my adversaries… also plasma guns are by default mounted on interceptor so I guess that was what the devs had in mind. What are your experiences with different weapon types on interceptor and how do they fare in combat?

stabalized rails are devastating but take some skills in aiming because of the low rof

right now im experementing with assault rails…but the plasma counter part will work fine to


Using all short range weapons. Rapidfire Plasma/Railgun and Puls lasers. Its depending of the current meta and you favourite kind. Currently rapid plasma came back from the upness and is a quite good weapon now. Booster circuit and needle system is a good combi. (scatter is still a bit to high)

Rapid Rail got a quite hard nerv but is still very strong. Bursting down targets is quite funny. ^^ Uranium and Anti matter shells will do quite nicely.

Pulse lasers have the advantage as you said of instant hit. The scatter is acceptable and the range is very good for that. Also a good amount of dmg indeend. Using double lens and emi lens on them. (use F3 to deselect the weapon mod in T2 ships ^^)

Try to find a weapon fitting your playstile.

NO doubt,stabilized railguns,high Dph,high accuracy,and no RPm!

After the pach the stabilized railguns that before were the choice for much of us, become nerfed and now its damage its ridiculous. Now everyone goes with plasma and lasers. The rapid fire railgun is very powerful now but it has lot of spread and its more suited for short range combat. It need training but in my opinion its very good for a fighter class. For the interceptor every pro player i see in game use plasma type guns.