Which type of pilot are you?

Pretty self-explanatory.


This is a rather mediocre poll. Folks who play different roles in a balanced manner can’t answer the first one. Folks who like to go fast and deal damage (coughcoughcovertopscoughcough) get shafted on the second. And everybody who doesn’t minmax like a madman doesn’t have an answer for the third question.


Plus you haven’t given anything to discuss besides the poll, so excuse me for criticizing it ![:p](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/004.png “:p”)

Pretty Narrow Minded poll, there are way more ways to play the game, especially when you have 4 slots, and it all comes down to a situational judgement which of the ships to use better, rather what ship i want to play. On top of that most of the time, due to how our ships, things like Max DMG do not impede MAX Maneuverability/Durability and so on

It is indeed a very limited poll, but it forces a decision that would have otherwise not been made.

I can’t answer any question.

Usually, I build my ships to be flexible. That’s probably why I prefer using a bubble fed gunship. When played and built correctly, it can deal lots of damage to pretty much every target (Frigates and destros are too slow to dodge the sphere, and when you dogfight with ceptors and fighters, you are so close that you cannot miss), the can be extremely fast and maneuverable (Overdrive and Engine overcharge), and with adaptives + combat reboot they are very durable. 

I answered but the truth is that I want 2 more slots… every ship has it’s sweet spot of fun.

Also every ship have a counter, so i may need way more than 4 slots to deal with people. Sometimes when mm puts me against a “new” opponent, which use a diff build from the guys I’ve encountered before him I regret don’t having with me my recon/cov ops/tackler/lrf.

To me it’s all about opponents. I enjoy every role IF the game is balanced.

Already stated, but let me say it again, the poll enforces decisions and limitations on us that the shipbuilding itself does not. If we could also vote for things that we value the least, the results would be much more meaningful.

I put Frigates with manoeuvrability and max damage…, @):-

And where can you select the “420 dank trickshoter” type of pilot?

So the reason I’ve set the poll up like this is because I want to see what types of mentality goes into the battlefield, not just into setups. Obviously, setups are important but there’s always a difference between what goes on paper and what actually happens while you’re shooting stuff ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)