Which sectors have recurring races?

Which sectors have short periodic races like in [‘Ellydium Theta’ station]?

I haven’t been for some time and after coming back I’ve found them really cool.

If races tickle your fancy then some sectors I know that have them in them are:

  • Monolith Remains
  • Abandoned Outpost
  • Naberia-392 Complex
  • ‘Northstar’ Crash Site

Aaand I never bothered to note any others because usually I’m doing something else in OS

There are several sectors that hold them. I’m pretty sure most do, but I just don’t pay much attention to them lol. But if you spend enough time in a sector I’m sure you’ll see one start

The wiki says that racing locations are marked on the map with a special symbol. To me, it appears this is not the case, perhaps it used to be.


You can add “‘Ellydium Theta’ station” to the list.