Where is the Berylium

Since this morning, no beryllium in open space.

Just, he is in open space, or not again ?


Thx, and good hunt !

Read the patch notes…

I forgot, thx :stuck_out_tongue:

Beryllium can be found in secret stashes and ore chunks in high-rank Open Space locations
It can be reiceived as a reward from the Broker 
It can also be found in special containers

What Doomb0t posted in [https://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?/topic/29714-star-conflict-133/?p=354291 ] seem all to be Rank 7 sectors.


Can someone clarify:


Is beryllium obtainable from the valuable resource in Rank 7 sectors and Crystal Nodes in Rank 10 sectors?









had to

List of locations in Open Space, where you have a chance to locate beryllium required to build 11 destroyers rank :


Collapsed Laboratory


Warden Outpost Ruins

Warden Outpost Ruins

 Imperial Transport Hub.

 Онтрегоса Ontregos Drift


Captured Dreadnought

Raider Range

Ice Reef

Complex Alpha-7.

Service Shop.

Barter Zone

Vanguard Outpost.

Research Centers

Cobalt Mines

‘Poseidon’ Complex

Water Harvest

Smugglers Hideout

Destroyed Station

Northern Mining Station

Gas Harvest Station

Pallas Border

Ruined Station

Orange Giant

Solaris Wasteland

Terramorphing Station

Fort Muerto

Abandoned Outpost.

Sorting Facility

Ancient Ruins

Abandoned Complex

Iridium Strand

The Source

Monolith Remains









had to

 I laughed :smiley:

1 hours worth of farming and nothing. Just gonna wait and do the Broker missions instead.

Any confirmation on these places, just spent 2 hours and nothing found.

Yes, but this object it’s EXTREMELY rare, 4 impure, and a plate in 2 days.


Soo, what are these green dots and squares?

Soo, what are these green dots and squares?

drones, ofc.


just go to alien space with P2W scanner and farm that thingie for dessies

Soo, what are these green dots and squares?

Green = berryllium



drones, ofc.


just go to alien space with P2W scanner and farm that thingie for dessies

I found nothing

well, found 2 beryl minerals and one rod yesterday in Smugglers Hiedout… and farmed nearly 2.7 mil creds plus loads of minerals by the same time… low drop rate for sure. Still, there is a drop rate.

Plenty of neodium around though

Found the last 14 plates/Ores i needed in open space after 2 days of long grinding, took time but you can definitely find it. Took me less than a hour to find 2 plates worth of ore in a certain spot i was told of, so good luck and also, some locations not listed on the list by Doombot have drops of Berrylium,i’ll assume it was a typo, just a heads up to ya’ll^^, Happy Hunting. :001j:

The open space is just steal, so now… sry for my karma :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Im trying to find shards