Where is Neodium?

I cannot be found! I search for it all day long and even go to dangerous place like that one in middle with big station in it, but cant find any. They say its in asteroids but there are so few asteroids and i only ever get graphite or money or stuff but no neodium. So where is it? I am confused with open Space but that damn broker is gone so without it i never get my destroyer thats stupid!

best way to find it - use spatial scanner but it cost GS, and last week was in promotion 50 percent off

First, u gotta find yourself. Only then you can begin your search. Also visit terra, scarpyard and water harvest, dont forget their neighbour sectors, if everything fails, attack transports. Only ore u should be looking at, minerals, large mineral, valuable mineral and mineral in general.

Mysterious containers, lost cargo, and valuable minerals are your best bet.

$$ P2W packs from shop

The shop packs are utterly pointless and give you near to nothing each one bought. I highly suggest investing in a Spatial Scanner. The Mysterious Containers that are located with the Spatial Scanner will drop full Neodium and Beryllium plates occasionally.

Dunno. Found 2 Neodium plates and 4 enriched beryllium today while leveling up my Jag in open space.

Valuable minerals yield them decently enough

Valuable minerals are the last place you want to farm anything but graphite. They are just 100 credits more often then not.

Valuable minerals are the last place you want to farm anything but graphite. They are just 100 credits more often then not.

Dude face it, u and i are just a bad luck brian duo, spent whole day searching for berilium just to see a guy find 4 enriched beris for me in the places i tried to find some, point is, find someone to help u, same goes for neodium.

As others have said valuable minerals, but not all of them as I’ve seen. Most of the time I’ve gotten neodium there has been a large group of enemies near the source or a predator within aggro range, so take a tackler when searching for it.


As for locations where I’ve gotten neodium - Terramorphing station ( or facility, don’t remember the name right now). I’ve gotten absurd amounts of neodium when I was hunting for beryllium and got enough for another 2 R8 internal structures. As for specific locations - try the cluster of asteroids directly to the right when coming from Orange Giant as well as going as far as to the asteroids near the gate for abandoned outpost since doing this loop will give enough time for minerals to respawn.


Happy hunting.

Ok tx. I went to terramorphing Station, where i found out that in all the asteroids there are only so few minerals, and there all always enemies respawning any second and i actually got ONE xxxx NEODIUM after one hour of farming. It was super repetetive and superboring and terible. WTF is wrong with u guys ? What u smoke when programming dis???


I will wait for broker to come back. tx for help thpugh.

I found half of my Procyon in Water Harvest valuable minerals, at that time it took me like 3 hours total. Not impossible, just annoying drop rates.

After a lotta farmin i got a droprate of aprroximately 1/40 Neodium meaning every precious metal has a chance of 1 in 40 that it drops neo. I got about 4 plates otta it like that with several hours of farmin.