Where is Earth? ANSWERED

i am writing this post to remove any confusion about the most important planet in the star conflict universe and to finally put to rest the the true fate of earth.

ok so really i was asking people in chat about earth in star conflict and a huge amount of them said they didn’t know where it was or that they thought it was destroyed, during all of this i remember reading somewhere that earth was in empire space and was still okay. but no matter how much i argued, everyone still told me that it was gone.

well i finally found recent information about earth, it’s location AND who controls it so here it is.


so what that is, is just information about some ships that were released a while ago, and what is that you see there if you scroll down and read the description of the Brock?

"  Brock is a project of the Shipyards of Earth"

so there is is, finally we can say that earth is Not destroyed and is still out there most likely serving as the imperial capital.