Where i need to post Shop , buying with money

Like there is offers 50 % tharga just 5k gs. add next to this another shop where same offers but you can buy with money for couple $dolars . Add vip status then you buy more with money you get more, you get free resources on login, special  missions for more resources . Why i have to go to web site to see what you selling for money add this shop to the game with offers. Add events like valentines day special mission on the map with hearts and some kind missions with valentines theme, with special like missiles exploding with hearts and special valentines event where you pay 5$ dollars and you get pass for vip prizes and free players also get some free rewards. More pvp missions like mission only frigates or only snipers like this missions survival more similar missions but make them a day long with special money or other rewards. Why i event have to tell you this cant you see already how all theses things works these days to keep players entertained and happy to pay ?  And attract new players with these special events and have a nice game beginning with great rewards ?

I am surprised how this game master piece is still in this stone age . Texture then zooming  on ships makes me throw up . Then you fly near rocks in space i cant event understand what is that i am looking at. Huge events with free rewards and special rewards with event pass make ads for this event make people interested . Make middle of space map huge war zone where ai fights with huge ships with lower xp gain to feel like star wars . More big boses ships fights .   

Please consider expanding on each individual suggestion here separately.


Keeping everything in a long run-on post like this leads to confusion.