Where are you from?

Let’s get acquainted!

It’s interensting to know - what countries have their own conquerors of the Universe!

I’m from Russia. Any one else?

I can dispel the myths about bears drinkin vodka rigth at the Red Square - if you want))))

Good morning,

I was born in Kazakhstan, but when I was 2 years old my familie moved to germany.

When I haved finished university I hope to see more of the world and perhaps more of our deep space;)


i was born in Germany and lived since then in Germany…

currently i’m taking pre university classes to get know with the topics.

interessting story error :slight_smile: -familie…family ^^



Please no jokes, U.S.A. N.J. Nice to meet you all!!



The great Napoleon country, and yes we eat frogs and snails :01212:

I’m from good ol’ England! Tea and Crumpets are delicious!


I have to recognize it (argh the old enemy) Duffy, but if your crumbles are so delicious in my travel…

I’am a German Couch Potato =)

Austrian space pilot here!

greetings from germany :fed010:

Howdy from Texas of the USA

I’m from China.

Greetings from Finland.

I was born and live in Belarus.

United States - New Jersey