When do the loss tiers start?

I’m not 100% familiar with the tiering system in Star Conflict and how it relates to profitability (if at all), but based on my experience with similar games I’m guessing it works with the format of “repair/rearmament prices increase as you go up in tier, making higher tiers vehicles more costly to run to the point that after a certain threshold you generally lose money from matches unless you did really well”. Is this accurate to Star Conflict? If so, when is the threshold between making money and losing money?

Most money you could lose is from the repairing cost of the ship. Since ammunition replenishment cost is fixed to the number of ships you used in a single battle (prerequisite: ship ammunition outfit not changed). The more ships you used in a battle, the more ammunition replenishment cost goes. 


Let’s go back to the repairing cost of the ship. This cost rise with the times your ship was destroyed in a battle. That means, if you survive the hole battle, repair cost will be zero. So try to stick with your team and avoid unnecessary losses. 


If you are in need of money, try playing some PVE mission. That’s a great way to get yourself out of the unbalancing account. Also, try using ships below Rank 9 (T3 ships) in PVP, T4-5 ships for PVE may help. 

Premium ships of any tier also have zero repair costs and are a great way of making credits in your preferred tier. 

Thanks to pve, you have profits at any tiers. If you don’t have licence and die a lot in PVP tier 4 or 5 you will lose money.

Yep Tier 4/5 is where money problems begin. Attention, that’s rank 10-15, do no confuse ranks with tiers. 

The good thing is that the higher teirs allow you to make more credits.


It mostly cancels itself out.


If you are piloting with a license there will be 0 issues.


Even if you just have one of the DLC packs that give more credit gain I am fairly certain that will level it out without a license.


Though in all, it is not entirely needed. Credits are fairly plentiful in this game.

Here is a tip: NEVER auto-repair. Always repair manually. You may have to go into the options and disable auto-repair, but do so. It will save you money. Here’s why.


  1. There is no penalty to flying a damaged ship; it can be at 1/100 damage and still work fine.


  1. Damage can’t go below 0. This means once you hit 0 it doesn’t matter how many times you die, the repair cost remains the same.


It might not seem to save you money, but it does if you fly mostly PvP. It won’t help as much with PvE or Invasion, but every little helps.

I thought ship survivability goes down when you dont repair your ship.

I thought ship survivability goes down when you dont repair your ship.

No, there’s no penalty at all.


Although survivability is really not exactly a huge deal anyways, it’s almost all in how you fly the ship.

I do that then. ty for tipzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

To clarify, the main saving on not auto-repairing comes when your repair status is low. The idea is that if you die once and that breaks your ship (ie: it goes to 0 repair) then all other deaths are ‘free’ - you won’t have to pay the repair costs for them. As such, this technique saves less money the better a pilot you are. It also saves less if you play a lot of PvE / Invasion, as you can’t really get multiple deaths per match there.


But it’s worth doing just for those times when you get really unlucky and earn a triple thud on a Recon that was one death away from breaking.

As long as your performance in battle is not totally bad, you should always go out with a reward.

There will always be things to spend credits on but for the most part you will always come out on top. Tier 4 & the fist part of 5 may seem a bit slow at first due to the fact that you are building up new ships with mixed results but at some point you will have more credits than you can spend. Invasion is also a good credit maker.