When do admins grant beta forum usually?

As any gamer knows, Diablo 3 is coming. I’m getting said game and its going to take time out of my beta testing. Now that ontop of school its going to be hard for me to remember all the things i do now. I’ve had a week off so i’ve been mostly playing this and Mount and Blade and has a lot of feedback to contribute. They are concerning gameplay and the way they are testing itself. Now i would love to go into more detail but I am not allowed. So to the man whose always on, error, do they usually check the thread once a week and update it all, i saw the last update was the third?

Also you guys should probably get that little gitch fixed soon, seems like a lot of work constantly updating the access list.

It will be update again very soon, there are some things that need to be done before we can go on.

/answerd and closed.