What's Your Favorite Premium Ship?

Inquiring minds want to know. For added internet points, please explain why it’s awesome.


I’ll start:


Superkite: freaking awesome covops - so awesome it feels almost broken for its tech level. Very versatile with the number of missiles it can carry. Cuts through frigs like a fat kid on a buffet line.


Kalah: lots o’slots = lots of death. Very fun ship to fly whatever your weapon choice (I’m partial to assault plasma).




/edit: T4 omitted because a) about 20 people probably play T4 and b) the poll maker won’t let me add a fourth question… so yeah…

Rhi-No. Target paint someone from stealth, launch the missile volley, both hit for 4k, and you pinged them a few times during the missiles arrival with your stabalized rails, crits are just insane at this point. If the enemy is an inti, it just died instantly, if its a tackler or gunship, it just died instantly, if its an LRF? Died instantly. Engies end up mauled and ready to die in a few hits, guards you don’t waste the volley on, and don’t try and do it around them either, just paint and shoot with basic kinetic bullets for something like 1.5k a shot. Also being able to cloak away is a godsend, I do it constantly and bee line towards the nearest engie, then zip back to the front lines.


Command ships are the bane of this ships existence though, they take forever to kill, and the diffusion shield laughs at your target painter while giving you the finger.


T3 I don’t have it, but I want the Paralax, 30% shot speed for a fighter type is a rarity, and there aren’t any r9 Tacklers anyways, plus the body design is beautiful.

Parallax was the only ship that made me say “wow” when I first flew it.


Although overall, the Strong and Neuron in my opinion give you the most bang for your buck as far as survival goes…


Kalah however I think truly is the clear winner. With the correct build, Kalah easily beats ANY other tier 2 ship one versus one. (even moreso with Assault Railguns)


While the Rhi-no and Neuron are a fun distraction to use, the Kalah truly is the best premium.