Whats up with all the Recon (Captain Matches)

It seems all I get is captain mode like every other match. Then its 2 or 3 matches in a row where I am captain.

I hate this mode and capture the beacons very much.  

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But cap con is my fav… It’s that stupid beacon capture mode that I hate. I play enough of it in SecCon. I never want to see it in basic PvP ever again… Ugh…

It seems the first match of the day for me is always Capture the Beacon: Although good for double synergy, I hate it. Especially those 3v3 on BigAss maps. Maps should scale with player counts.

I love every gamemode equally.

Removed by Author 

I like Capture The Beacon mode. It teaches you how important is to stay alive and play clever.

I just don’t like CtB for synergizing, and it’s a bit less fun in T4, where I’d love to see good matches more.


Otherwise it’s usually maps I loath, not modes. Especially huge maps for small teams. Detonation can be fun, Recon can be great fun.


So if any gamemode changes, I’d love a bit less CtB in T4, but not completely putting it away. I find CtB is important for teaching survival and teamplay.