What's the best line tree for every nation?

So…After many matches with the Federation (The worst squad in my opinion) and the Jerico I’m using the Empire. So What’s the best line tree for you? I’m undecided about what ship to buy


The Warden line use White Ships with red lines

The Legion Ship are blue (Just to differentiate them)


The Legion Ships have more “HULL” and sometimes more “SHIELD” but LESS resistance to HULL DAMAGE in all of kind of damage


The Wardens have LESS “HULL” and “SHIELD” but more HULL RESISTANCE to all kinds of damage


What’s the best for you?



It is not only resistance or number of hp that matters, but also a faction bonuses to ship abilities.

For me Legion interceptor is better, because his preparation to warp is two times faster than Warden or default ones.

At the same time I prefer Warden fighter, because of his ability to disable negative effects that were put on him by activating overdrive.

About frigates… well, they are standing equal for me at the moment, maybe because of my little experience on Warden frigates.

Thank you for your suggestion. I bought the ships you saw to me :slight_smile:

what are the bonus for each faction?

what are the bonus for each faction?


You can see them by click and hold SHIFT when you see the ship

I mean, The passive bonus of each faction.


federation Bargain: things are 1%cheaper