What's Open Space in this game?

I just came back because I received a newsletter with a word Open Space in it. 


‘Oh cool Star Conflict in Open World setting? I’m in!’


But as I read more and more news articles I found out Open Space might just mean another giant map…


So what is it? I used to play (when it came out) then I stopped then I played again (when alien invasion launched) then I stopped again. Is it another term for Open World or is it just one giant map with all other small maps included? 



Hello and welcome back. I would advise you to look around in this section [here](< base_url >/index.php?/forum/307-invasion/). You will find a lot of useful guides and many of your questions might get answered.


When you log in, you will see three buttons at the bottom.  The middle one is to launch for PVP, the one on the left is how you will access the Open World, by undocking, and the one on the right brings up an interactive map of the sectors you can visit (and to launch for PVE).


Basically Invasion is a collection of many maps, some larger than others, all very beautiful, interconnected with jumpgates.  You need fuel to activate these.  The maps now (since the last patch) include all the maps from the PVP and PVE aspects of the game, modified to include NPCs and loot etc, as well as a large number of Invasion-only maps.  All of these are visitable, and all contain loot you can pick up, which allows you to craft elite weapons and ships.


There are also a number of missions you can complete while in these zones, some of which give you monocyrstals (one mission per faction per day, so three per day in total if you switch factions).  Monocrystals are the basic requirement when you want to craft something.


If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask!  FunkyDonut is right though, there are many guides available :slight_smile: