What's Good and what's bad about (SC)

Heya Guys,

Well I’ve been playing this game for almost 3 weeks now and I want to share my experiance mainly with the developers.

Let me start with the things i don’t like:

  1. Ballance: Well the game is VERY and I mean VERY unballanced. I constantly play VS players that are tech level 3 while i’m still lvl 1. I think this would be taken care of in the future… It’s not nice winning 1 of 7 games because one hppened to be in the right team. I don’t even managge to damage bots, since they’re all T3

  2. Tech and ballance - The other thing that comes to mind is that I can’t buy the weapons that I have enough XP to buy, no I have to have reputation, which is really stupid. Even if I’m losing and I’m making xp, please let me buy T2 or T3 gus on my T1 ship, this will help ballance a LOT! It will also speed up player progression and reduce agrrivation as well.

3.Don’t make it “pay to win” game, since youl’ll lose every self-respecting player, make it “pay to invest less time and still have fun” game

4.MMO - Don’t market the game as an MMO, seriously. If you’re not plnning to add PvE, open world, events, and heavy interpersonal interactions don’t market the game as a MMO. Many people will be mislead and you’ll get a negative feedback. The game is great but it’s MMO as much is CoD or Counter Strike. Label the game as a simple Counter Strike in space and you’ll get awesome reviews and feedback. Market the game as a MMO and you’ll get 10000 SWOR players coming and complaining about not being MMO and giving you a bad metascore. what I’m trying to say is: Know your aoudience, the game looks awesome and it doesn’t need “MMO” search engine optimisation to sucseed

Now here’s what I like (or should i say love)

1.Graphics and effects: WOW, I mean WOW guys, I can’t imagine how you could deliver such rich graphics at such high performance. Your engine is awesome and I’m looking forward to seeing more games using it. Which brings me to my next point:

2.Performance: Well, what could I ask more for? I’ve tried StarConflict on a WinXp 64 with nVidia 9800GT on max settings and it runs at about 40-60 fps. My eyes were puking rainbows.

3.Setting: As a fan of a semi-retro sci-fi I can’t ask for more in terms of art, concept and lore, really nice touch there guys.

4.Gameplay: One word - YES!! Freelancer-type with a bit of depth added, easy to pick up, hard to master… I think one has to be an Idiot not to enjoy the core game mechanic

That’s about now, if you agree a simple “+1” or “/agree” post will be much appreciated. If you find your opinion at odds with mine i’d be happy to hear well argumented posts about why’s that.

Best regards to all,



thanks for your feedback.

1)The balance should be improved in the future.

2)I dont know if this is a good idea, because you would have unlocked all weapons very fast and many players would want more weapons.

3)This is planned;)

4)You are right, but I dont know what will be done about this in the future.

For the rest:

Thanks for the nice words and keeps on testing and having fun;)


My own acronym for games of this type is “IMO” or “Instanced Multi-player Online”.

well… despite im agree about the gearin up… the problem still lies within ship… lower tier ship has less custom slot compared higher one… so even we have the module, we still cant use it…

about balance versus, just need more player

I think when there’s actual players and not bots, things will be better. I am nearly always killed by a bot. There is usually only 1-2 players in a match and the rest is bots, so I guess I encounter them the most.