What's a recommended build for the Razor?



This is my current loadout (Upgrades pending). I’ve got pretty good success with it, focusing on making my massive shield incredibly durable (I’ve noticed very few people using thermal weapons, it’s usually EM or kinetic) to both EM and Kinetic damage. Whilst using missiles to shred shield before finishing off my greatly debuffed target with the rail gun. I am thinking of changing out the sensors for reduced weapon spread however, as my rail gun loses a lot of damage at range.

T2 have almost no build diversity.



As you can see, I use similiar build to yours, but using Razor module range bonus, long range weaponry suits this ship more than universal assault railgun. This ship is no pursuer, but catalyst on engine helps a little with repositioning. Being so slow compared to Fox, I use drone to harass targets with all damage types. I fit thermal resist to fight against Kalah and LRF lazors.


Note: module in middle is Inhibitor Beam, a leftover after devs moved it to T3. Due to Razor range bonus, I reach targets over 6km with it. Engine suppressor does its job more efficent, but Inhibitor Beam has 1 second cooldown.


I’d drop inhibitor beam form the build and put a heal (or a drone)

  • There is no such thing as 8-2

  • A lot of ships can’t handle AB for long times anyways, so you disable their AB when they can not AB anywyas


TP and Engine suppressor are just way too good to not take them in T2, and inhibitor does not bring much on the table in t2.

I suppose I could drop that for a heal but I do also like attaching it to targets 8km away XD

I use drone and slow. With the range both are great.

I’ve always been a huge fan of gauss tackler personally, so I would recommend gauss cannons. Run target painter with either engine suppressor or sentry drone and a shield booster, and I think you will have a great time. Use shaped charge shells, an enhanced scanner, and the 1-2 implant for max crit chance, due to the lack of infrared scanners in T2.