What laser setup do your recommend for a tier III Fed Frig?

So I tried the extended range lasers with the enhanced range module, but the cycling is too slow to be really effective.


I tried overcharged lasers, but could rarely hit hull.


I’m currently running standard mark  3 assault lasers.


Can someone give me a good laser set up that works?

Do you need to use lasers? Just asking.

Personally I like heavy lasers on my tier 3.

Pros is that it has a high output and decent range. So if you can’t see someone for long, ie dodging around asteroid, u get more bang for your buck.

Cons are slower turret tracking speed, which hurts against inty’s, much faster overheat and not as much range as the long-range.

Next best is assault for its balanced abilities I guess.

Would you recommend plasma for frigate…I’m still trying to figure out Fed frigs, the drones have a range of 1.5k so I think it should be close range right?  Well maybe I’ll give heavy lasers a try, or should I just go plasma. 


I thought lasers because it seems 75% of ppl out there run them, or a type of them.


Also what modules do you use with lasers?

Really it’s preference, but I use the range increase in slot 1, and range decrease and wxtra damage in slot 2.

For plasma, I have had good results with Hail Plasma Cannons.