What It's Like

Felt like sharing. That’s what the internet is for right …?


Lag, Packet Loss, Wobbly Ships, T4 ships in T3 match, Multi-Killing EM Torps, Beacon Hunt chaos…


But when you have a couple of maniacs on your team, it’s all good :slight_smile:


250MB - 10 minutes


Wow, that’s a lot worse than what I get. You must really love the game to put up with it. :wink:

I just tried to play a bit despite the server being loaded and got kicked from the server at the start and can’t back into the battle now. :stuck_out_tongue:

I try to keep contracts filled.

That’s quite the lag…

I know it has been like this all day today, but that’s insane.

This one’s something different.


Dodging LRF Frigates in an Engineer


Found myself in Tier2 earlier today when squading up with a new corp member. One of the match had alot of LRFs on the enemy team so I took the opportunity to capture them on video. Empire frigates unfortunately but I’ll try and get Jerri Torps one day. Not alot of good snipers anywhere even in higher tiers bar the exceptional few who don’t play that role often anyway. As far as sidestepping LRF sniper shots go, there aint much difference between tiers although lower tier ones punch relatively harder if you do get hit.


150MB - 6 minutes


Those lrf dudes are obviously tactical geniuses. They used suppressing fire to pin you down in a location where you were unable to help your teammates. When you got the bomb they knew you would not be able to plant it and that if they killed you one of your faster ally might pick it up and plant it.


In the end you managed to wiggle out of your hiding place to go help in the final plant. At that point they got serious and easily killed you.


Yep, excellent players but they got stuck in a bad team. I would recruit them if I were you.

Why would anyone tactically analyze T2 matches rawr?

This is kind of bugging me, why did it take you so long to spawn the attack drones?

They kept running off doing their own thing. I have 3 spawned almost all the time but no notification if one of them died somewhere.