What is up with Cerberus 2 engineering frigate???

This ship is completely game-breaking. It is an engineering frigate with almost guard ship durability. It has tons more survivability at t3 than other engie frigs have at t4. In game, its unkillable, and tanks more than a guard due to the repair and shield auras.

I’ll be quitting t3 games until this is fixed. Those ships just faceroll everything.

bleh just wait till you go up against me in my Anaconda -M !!!

Frigats are kinda OP atm in tech3+, but they gonna do something about it if you read up on the patch fix in news.

Im not talking about frigs being op, im talking about a frig thats op compared to other frigs.

At t4, empire engineer frig gets 32k survivability right off, whereas its fed counterpart gets 23,5k. I mean what the xxxx.

Someone suggested that its offset by fed having more energy regen and speed. Well, it gets about +20 to both of these stats. If anyone thinks thats a good tradeoff, he has massive brain damage.

lol before one of the patches, my guard alligator had 47k survivability

So I just played a game in T3 with my guard frig, a teammate’s cerberus-class engie ship had more survivability than my ship. Other engie ships had about 20k less survivability in the game.

The highest cerberus 2 survivability I saw was 60k, which is about double compared to most fed engie frigs. And several thousand more than I have on my guard ship.

Anyway, i think my point is made. If this isnt fixed fast, i will just say xxxx this game.

If you have blue mods or green mods you can up your survivability instead of just crying about everything ingame. That’s what a frigate should be like, do you want them to be paper ? I have no issue killing empire frigates  or jericho frigates in my fighter. People QQ too  much

No, im saying it makes no sense to have two types of engie frigs: ones made of paper and ones made of titanium.

i fly a cerberus 2 and getting killed quite easily…so either those frigates were special tank builds or you can not fight properly or both…


empire ships in general are a little tougher than their counterparts…and are quite difficult to handle due to lower turning speed


if you have trouble fighting certain ships don’t fight if you encounter them in a battle and go for the next target of your choosing