What is 'Unique' about Dart/Gargoyle besides their DPS and GS exclusivity?


  • Quantum Railgun (unique) deals 100% more DPS than comparable Gauss and 50% more than Railguns for standard/premium Fighters/Command ships. It also deals 20%, 50% and 150-200% more than other comparable weapons.
  • Frontal Shield (unique) is equivalent to 80-100k EHP on a R11 Command ship, which is 100% greater than comparable ships of its type.
  • Harmonic Drive (unique) adds an effective 10-20% DPS and can be used in combination with Valkyrie System.

Total survivability is 100% greater, while DPS is also 60-120% greater than comparable standard/premium Fighters/Command ships.

Essentially, a R11 Command ship that does more DPS than standard/premium Gunships, while also being superior to R15 Commands.


  • Synergetic Disintegrator (unique) simply deals 50-100% more DPS than standard/premium Disintegrator LRFs on consecutive shots.
  • Disintegrator Modifier (unique) further increases that by 60%, while also lowering the enemy’s DPS by 50%…
  • Dual-channel repeater (unique) decreases firing time by 25%, which is multiplicative with the damage above.

Total Disintegrator DPS is 150-200% higher than anything in its class. Easily R11 > R15 in this case.

  • Boson Cannon (unique) deals 33% more DPS than comparable Positron/Eclipse for standard/premium LRFs/Frigates and 10% more than other weapons.
  • Dual-channel Repeater (unique) increase main weapon’s DPS by a further 40%.
  • Static Charges (unique) can achieve an additional 1.5k (33%) to 4.5k (100%) DPS, or more.

Total main weapon DPS is 75%-150% higher than the comparable Positron/Eclipse on standard/premium LRFs.

Reverse Thrust + Scattering Field while firing main guns and drifting on LRFs have always been ‘broken’, even more so in Survival (which needs to be removed anyways).

More observable (empirical) evidence, since the recent changes:

  • My win/ratio has decreased from 1.8 (nearing 2.0) to 1.3 and dropping.
  • My kills/game has decreased from 3.8 (nearing 4.0) to 2.2 and dropping.
  • My assists/game has increased from 9.6 (nearing 10) to 11.8 and rising.
  • Players with 0.9-1.1 w/r and 2 k/g are suddenly able to achieve 20-10 with these ships, as if in The Matrix.
  • Players are farming stats, even with 500-1000 games only, they already have >4/6 k/g using these ships exclusively.
  • Score boards are consistently populated by Thar’Gas, Darts and Gargoyles.
  • Nobody buys premium ships any longer, which is an indicator of their worth. Only 1% of system messages are premium ships.

These are not all mere coincidence. Thar’Gas, Darts and Gargoyles are stealing everyone’s kills, leaving them with nothing.

Both ships have superior survivability/DPS to anything in their T3/T4 classes and participate in R9/R12 games. In fact, they’re even superior to T5 R15s.

Now imagine if all premiums were given access to Dart/Gargoyle weapons/modules and the blatant P2W rumbling that would cause. However, this is no different and ‘unique’ seems to signify a rebranding of ‘premium’.

Dart and Gargoyle are both blatantly P2W ‘exclusive’ items, which is a rather negative term. It means ‘to exclude’ certain individuals, or to distinguish some from the rest; very aristocratic.

The most disrespectful thing about this whole dilemma though, to your previous customers, is how it makes most T3/T4 premium ships obsolete. That’s unforgivable, after you said you wouldn’t sell power to users.


All the ships in game will get their uniqueness - they said

Brokk is unique. Pheonix/Reaper are too. Karud. And so on.

10 minutes ago, MightyHoot said:

Premiums are still good ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)

I looked, but didn’t see any Darts/Gargoyles. LRF is still just imba in general with scatter/drift and the enemy had no recons.

This one time, I did 80% of the team’s damage in a 12 or 16 player game, leaving the others with about 2% damage each on average? Eeek!

Still, it happens rarely and proof to the opposite is not proof of the opposite.

I said ‘most T3/T4 premiums’. Mauler is a T5 DLC premium, but the point about some premiums having better bonuses/module layouts is true (while others are worse), but is of minimal concern compared to the bonuses of ‘uniques’. The other craftables, only insofar as you can select their module slots.

LRFs are just better at hitting Frigates and Fighters, which is what you’re up against in the current meta. I still failed to spot a single Dart/Gargoyle though. I also have 100 screenshots of ‘trio’ domination, and everyone else with zero or 1-2 kills; that’s abnormal.

Edit: Well, it used to be. In the current meta, that’s completely par for the course. I still get very rare games without the trio spam and most people average 3-6 kills.

Now that you mention the Mauler though, +35% hull and shields is a lot better than 5-10% speed and weapon heat bonuses on the R13-15 LRFs, lol. I still don’t see how it helps you to get that many more kills though, besides being a LRF. Also forgot it’s a Jeri, but all it needs is a Multiphase and Shield Booster or something with all that shield and It’s basically a floating Frigate with 50% more DPS than a Guard.

Mauler is an exception anyways. It’s been broken since day 1. That’s why it’s still in my lineup.

What’s special about the Mauler anyhow? It’s a bit tougher and looks ugly as sin? What else?

6 hours ago, Weylin29651 said:

What’s special about the Mauler anyhow? It’s a bit tougher and looks ugly as sin? What else?

3 cap, 3 cpu slots, 6 turrets.

2 minutes ago, Rob40468 said:

3 cap, 3 cpu slots, 6 turrets.

+5% crit chance + 20% crit damage + 20% cooldown reduction + shield tanking (so low cooldown repair) = prefect sniper

Dart Frontal Shield Hax:

215 BASE regen = 6,900 DPS. 1600 BASE energy = 51,200 damage (or 3,400 DPS over 15 secs).

Engineer’s Energy Emitter, +50e passive = 1,600 DPS tank. Active 800e+ = 25,600 damage (or 1,700 DPS).

Wait, I missed… Reserve Generator, 500+ points? ~16,000 damage, so another 1,000 DPS…

6,900 + 3,400 + 1,600 + 1,700 + 1,000 = 14,600 DPS Tank… or 219,000 damage over 15 seconds…

Add the Base EHP for a Dart ~15,000, over 15 secs = 1,000 DPS, Hence 15,600 DPS over 15 secs, or 234,000 damage sponge…

Let’s make a destroyer, but not call it a destroyer? ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)

But wait, this offer doesn’t end here. You can also actively/passively raise the resistances and damage of your allies and yourself. This is evil…

What about Guard’s “Destructor beam” ?

ECM energy steal or missile energy debuff ?

Piercing weapons (singularity) ?

Or, easier : Why not shooting it front the back ?

Destructor beam is not enough to overcome a regen of nearly 265e/sec.

Energy Absorber: 353 stolen per second, but 265 is provided by regen/engineer, leaving approx 100e/sec over 5 secs = 500e, which is basically provided by the Emergency Capacitor, leaving 1,500e (full cap) remaining. It’s just not nearly enough; essentially useless. Energy missile debuffs affect allies, and will easily get your own interceptors killed in the process. Can easily be overcome by engineer Energy emitter active for +800e.

Whoa, an explanation for ‘piercing weapons’ surfaces… That’s like rock-paper scissors though? Everyone must now equip singularity gunship to defeat a single unit? The literal definition of broken game design. Doesn’t quality as such.

You can try shooting it from the rear, but people normally turn to face their attacker if they’re half awake, and it has a high rate of strafe/rotation. I have on many occasions, to varying degrees of success. Most often you die to them or their team, since >50% of your shots are still hitting the front, then just get disabled or what not, tackled or 2v1’d.With nearby engineers to heal, etc…

You didn’t try the argument of waiting them out though. For the 15 seconds of downtime, you can dodge, hide, use resist buffs, and Ion Warheads to keep your attacker disabled. Plus, you still have a range advantage. It’s also time in which they can do damage, unhindered for the most part, because ‘wait them out’?.. That’s paradoxical.