What is the PvE mode?

I know it is something against environment game play, but what do you do here? I tried to leave and ended up using up 200 galactic standard. 


I’m new to the game.

The pve in star conflict is a set scenario which generally consists of 3 rounds, each with progressive difficulty. The pve in star conflict is also balanced to the higher rank ships for the allocated scenario (ie; if the scenario selected is rank 4-9, it will have enemies based around the higher rank). During a rotation in pve there are 3 scenarios available all for 3 different ranks (the first is 1-3, the second box down is 4-9, and the last box down is 10-15).


As for using 200 standards… I’m not sure what you did to cause that, unless you are confusing standards for credits.

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PvE is easy cash. Kill some bots and eliminate key targets. The more you kill the more you get, try to kill high value targets and the defending ships to get the most out of it

You bought a duplicator. It is a manufactured (with materials from the Invasion mode and from the dissasemble of upgrade kits rewarded in any game mode) and it is free.


But the game gives you the oportunity to buy one “on the fly” with galactic standards if you are out of stock. It seems that you did that.


You should NOT waste GS in buying duplicators. They are usually given for free in the daily login rewards, and also you can manufacture them.


Concerning PvE. It is a coop mode for farming credits. You will get much more credits per game (if you finish the scenario that is…) than in any PvP game mode. 


But less synergy.