What is the Point of T4 and T5 Ships ( other than PvE )

Okey I have a Question , why T4 and T5 Ships exist ? If you try to search for a match you won’t be able find one , everybody its stuck to T2 and T3 getting there they T4 Weapons and killing everyone. 

Now a lot of xxxx players say now :  Nobody has reach T5 yet !

Thats a lie , a lot peoples have reached T5 but they just can’t play T5 PvP. Its simple , they become T4 or T5 with they ships but as far as they try playing with them PvP they won’t find a match.


So this game is about become T3 and than stuck there.


My suggestion , making an Global PvP mode , in this PvP mode you get 20% Extra Syn. Energy and 20% more Credits ( or something else that makes that Mode more benefit ) but here you play from Rank 1-15. ( Including Balance between the Teams )


Newbies have now the Option fighting against much better Players but getting more Benefit , or they simply go and play the normal PvP where they have equal Enemy’s but worser Income 


Players who reached T4 and T5 with they ships could finally play with them in PvP



How the Game benefits ?


MORE  players will be encouraged to reach higher Ranks , willing to buy Premium so you dear company make  MORE money !


Players have still the Option only playing in they Tier and Rank , preventing the game going Pay to Win , since if they don’t want fight with and against bigger Ships they can simply stay in they low Tier and play the normal PvP and not the Global PvP !





[http://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?/topic/21857-developer-blog-entry-from-november-28th-sector-conquest-update/](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/21857-developer-blog-entry-from-november-28th-sector-conquest-update/)


Read this carefully.


There will be a “global PvP mode” called Sector Conquest where you will be able to win Vouchers, Artifacts and GS if you conquer sectors, you will be able to bring T2, 3, 4 and 5 ships.

Sorry , didn’t found this one  :facepalm:  , excuse me 

Sorry , didn’t found this one  :facepalm:  , excuse me 


Don’t worry it was today’s dev blog, you will see the changes next thursday.

There is certainly no point to T5 as of yet, and neither was there when T5 was released. The game simply does not have the player base to support five Tiers right now. It would struggle to support four…

Yeap tomorrow (Dooms day for me and anyone else that are green behind the ears) are going to rush into SC with my T4s and die repeteadly …

Its going to be a glorious holiday… I almost hate that i have to work on this grand day of days.


Tomorrow the reason for T5 will soon be relized. And its so the owner can watch how fast their Ion lazers can shread other ships. :01313: