what is the actual hitbox of pyro emitter?

The module description says it pumps a cloud of charged particles that then ignite. However, if I fire the beam and then move my ship, when the ignition happens the beam visually appears to be based on the current location of my ship and not based on the location when the cloud of charged particles is pumped. This is very noticeable when just flying around in a fast procyon build, and especially obvious if you activate a wormhole projector after firing the beam. 


So, is the description of the module wrong and the line of damage occurs from the position of the ship at the time of ignition, or are the graphics wrong and the beam is actually from the original position? 

Look at it this way: you are aiming with it until you activate it. Then it locks the turret in current position while pumping the beam and charges into the direction it faces. So when you move your ship the beam moves with it locked in the same angle and direction until it starts to recharge. Kinda like a huge light saber. It dose not keep itself on target. You have to do it. It takes some practice and planning ahead for being able to use it well. Or at least so I think it works.




Actually, I was wrong. After it is fired it keeps pointing to the direction of its original endpoint. Or something like that.

The description is simply for a bit of interesting story. The actual weapon mechanic is that of an AoE beam cannon. It will place an end-point upon use, and then any movement will rotate the beam around that end-point, regardless of location. Using wormholes to move the beam is possible, so tactical use of this is really powerful.

I believe the beam radius is something like 400m on initial activation, and 200m on ignition.

When you fire it, it charges in the direction you aimed and keeps that direction. It moves with your ship, but doesn’t turn. So if you aim at a ship standing still, but you’re moving, it will move off your targeted ship as it charges. You can’t turn your destroyer to re-adjust the aim while charging.

Like I said

Is the end-point the spatial point at the maximum range when triggered, or is it the vanishing point at infinity in the targeted direction?

The end-point is the point of maximum range.

So 5400m in whatever direction you activate it in is where it stays.

Though I’m about 79.452% sure that it is impossible to stretch the beam by means of the wormhole. The end-point always remains the same, but the beam will always be a set length.

Has anyone combined the wormhole with the pyro emitter? LIke, activate pyro just before teleporting? #bugtest

Read the edited portion above.

The beam doesn’t stretch. (Although I would love it if it did.)

Okay, no-stretch is what i originally thought, it would be a noobish bug if they released the emitter like that. I was thinking about something like a destroyer-size laijutsu outta nowhere. Yes, google it.  :004j: