What is Loki's main weapon indeed?

In Gaijin.net store, Loki’s pack has a video, shows it has a unique thermal beam weapon which can change its color as fire.
But in game it’s unique weapon Thermal energy burner “MZ-42” is a railgun-like thermal bullet weapon, and Loki can’t equip with any beam weapon either.
I would like to know which one is the expected version of this weapon.

It’s phaser in slow motion

I think both video and game are in normal speed, and those shown really different mechanism.
In video it’s a beam that working continuously, and changes its color form red to blue, but in game it’s has pink bullet, and it won’t change its color as fire, it only deals more damage.

It’s slowed, see blasts and other projectiles speed.
Then try shooting from phaser.

hmmmm…at least I want to see its projectile changes color, that’s cool.