What is going on with faction rep gain?

I finally got around too winning a few rounds with all the higher tier guys about

Im lucky i got a single killing blow and 15 assist and i only get 296 federation rep?

At rates like that i would have to win ~ 400 games like that to go up 1 level to get to the next tier ship.

Are you guys freaking kidding me?


Oh and thats with a licence active…

Should be fixed soon, Error says :stuck_out_tongue:

Should be fixed soon, Error says :stuck_out_tongue:


we can see how that turned out :confused:

The amount of rep you get is determined by the difference between your Rank with the faction and the Rank of your ship.


If you are flying a Rank 6 ship and have Rank 10 in the faction, you will not get much reputation. But if you switch to a Rank 10 ship you will be getting lots of reputation.