What is everyone's favorite Weapons?



(I’m Rank 3 Empire, almost 5 with Jericho and 9 with Federation so my preferences might be limited.)


Coil Mortar. So Satisfying to use. Maybe it is just its sound effect…?

I like the Empire Fighter kinetic ‘machine gun’ too but I forget its name.

Guided torpedoes are very satisfying when dogfighting and the enemy has little health…fire and forget and move on.


Your favorite weapons?

Not lasers, Yep coil gun.

Depend on the use.

Assault gun.

Coil Mortar for AoE Missions.

Else Heavy blaster.

Ion Emitter/laserweapons.

Will never change.



In a dogfight, I trust my pulse lasers and small missiles. For anti-frigates and fighters, singularity cannon and firestorm on a gunship works wonders.

Ram all the things.

Pulse Lasers, Heavy Blasters.

Kinetic Noscopers 4 da MLG ECMs


Hevy Blasturs 4 da assault fed guards


Step 1.Assault Railgun with Vanadium ammo,3 heatsinks and dat 11b crew implant(take them on a Spark cuz DPS)

Step 2.Use Overdrive

Step 3.Repeat

Step 4.Profit

Ram all the things.

You should play Battlefleet Gothic.

You should play Battlefleet Gothic.



or Dreadnought, ram with your destroyer :smiley:

I think phase suppressor on recon is the coolest thing ever. I don’t even care that they’re thermal and thermal resistance stacking is common. I also don’t  care that thermal is the default of guards’ phase shield, so they enter the game prepared to not take any damage from it. I put phase suppressor on recon anyway. I don’t recommend it to others.

I’d say for Frigates, my favourite weapon of all time is the Coil Mortar. So fun to use and great for taking down many targets.

For fighters I LOOOOVE the Command Phaser. The Phaser is great because it combines super-bubbles with plasma snipers with nukes. The fact that it can deal both Thermal AND EM is just fantastic.

For Interceptors I will always love the Pulse Lasers. Pulse lasers are the ultimate in trolling weapon for CovOps because you can use them to sneak in to enemy shields and then rip apart their hull with ease.

Though if we are talking modules as weapons, the best imho are the Jericho Guided Torpedo, Phasma Arc, and Warp Gate. (Warp gate because any given damage output is decided by your own ship strength, so ramming in a volume engineer is sure death for about anything.)


or Dreadnought, ram with your destroyer :smiley:

Ohhh Dreadnought is the name of the game. I thought it was Warhammer but didn’t think it looked like Warhammer one bit.



EDIT: Yeah I haven’t heard of some of the guns you peeps listed. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

So many misguided players, not able to see that beam cannons are the best thing ever.

Goose cannon!!! (On a tackler - on any other ship you deserve to be hung by your feet and lowered into a pool of custard with crocodiles in it)

Singu Cannon on Fed Gunship, Gauss on tacklers, RF and unguided kinetic missiles on CovOps, Positron on Long range, Anomaly generator. 

Anomaly generator. 


Now that you mention it, I find it amazing that this thing was buffed and not limited in any way ^^ Now, _every single guard _uses it, which I’m sure was not what was intended.

Now that you mention it, I find it amazing that this thing was buffed and not limited in any way ^^ Now, _every single guard _uses it, which I’m sure was not what was intended.

I find it a little OP as well. You can kill any full health fighter with it, and it’s amazing on beacon modes. Just look at the beacon, press your missile button and boom, everyone around it dies. 

Meson cannon, nothing more gratifying to hear a ridiculously fast firing rate along with a wall of red blasters dealing tremendous dmg if spread is in on your side (i used to like a lot blasting ships with guided torps, but its been a while since that).

LaZ0rs ftw