What is Elo showing

Can anyone tell me what the Elo value in my profile is actually displaying? It raises higher and higher, while my win rate gets lower and lower (newbie in T3, yeah, not that much fun). So I wonder - what the hell is this number? Because it certainly is not my battle strength.

My guess: somehow playing more equals higher “Elo”. all my friends played alot less but have a much higher win rate. And they all have much lower Elo. This is silly. Elo is supposed to be an indicator of player skill, not a match counter.

Pilot rating is simply the tier that you play. It is not wholly dependent on your performance in that tier (although the rating in that specific tier is a range).


That’s what I know so far.

In the golden old days, skill rating was simply how effective you were in battle. Then the devs got rid of it and implemented the new, current pilot rating.


If anyone can explain the mechanics of calculating the current pilot rating, feel free to do so. I have no idea how it works, only that it depends on tier played.

Current pilot rating is a function of two things. Your relative performance in battle – in other words, how much efficiency you get in PvP, versus how much efficiency the rest of your team gets, plus if you won or lost; and your tier in which you play. The higher your relative performance in battle, the higher your pilot rating, but the higher your tier, the larger the base value is. So it’s mostly an indicator of what tier you play, and has small variations depending on how much efficiency you get per battle.


Previous pilot rating was more similar to an actual ELO, in that every time you died or killed someone, you’d give or take ELO to or from that someone. It was mostly an indicator of how good you were at not dying.

As far as I see it, the main factor is the tier you play (which is why yours is going up even though your relative effectiveness is going down)


As a very rough guideline:


t1: 0-2000

t2: 2000-4000

t3: 4000-6000

t4: 6000-8000

t5: 8000-9999


It’s hard to say exactly but that is how I understand it.


Personally my rating is hovering at around 7000.  This is because I play a lot of t3 but I go to t5 every now and then, which pulls it back up again.  Afterwards, your exact position between those bandwidths is determined by effectiveness compare to the max effectiveness of the top person on your team.


Noone knows the exact calculation, since the devs have not published anything on the matter.  However in its current state, the pilot rating is useless for recruiting purposes.  W/L and average kills/match are more usefull.

The pilot rating was changed because previously, it was just a W/R value. People just flew epic tanky configuration with a lot of escapes only to survive and farm kills. People even lose games instead of commiting and dying for the team most of the time.


So they changed it to efficiency. Now your pilot rating will grow up with your efficiency. The more eff you have in a battle, the better.


But since tier is also a factor, you can be very bad at tier 5 and be around 8000 pilot rating, and you can be very good at tier 3 with a pilot rating of 6500.


As an example, my pilot rating was always around 9500 or better when I was playing tier 5. Now that I’m in tier 3 because of the destructor fest, it is around 7800. But the pilot is the same.


It was good because on the first two months a lot of people went to tier 5 just to farm their e-peens (and also to get the GS rewards) which was good for the tier 3 randoms.