What is ''Condensing Crystals''?

There is this poll in the game client, with the question ‘‘Which of the four special modules for Ellydium fighter Thar’Ga seems the most interersting for you?’’. One of the variants is ‘‘Condensing Crystals’’. What are those Condensing Crystals? (I even hovered my mouse above the variants, but it did not help, but sometimes it is helpful to see some tooltip). I would like to vote, but I know about all variants but this one.

Here is a screenshot:



Pick i want it all option like everyone did ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”) (condensing crystals may be tied to regen abilities i think)

Its actually one of the special modules of the Thar’Ga gunship:


Also,for some reason,I cannot upload images directly on the forum,I’m pretty sure its the server.

2 hours ago, xXThunderFlameXx said:

Its actually one of the special modules of the Thar’Ga gunship

Got it, thank you, take thumbs up.
Maybe, you know what the other points mean?

  1. Matter Absorber, for example? Have you seen it?
  2. Some Rockets for Crystal Predators - what is this? Those green homing orbs used by the Aliens in Open Space?

To this point,noone can craft the alien ship,at least except the devs,we will be able to get it next year,not sure what to expect from their aspects but I want the Predator one.