What I thought

I have to preface by saying that I have not even scratched the surface of this title. All I’ve done was that training mission, and that left me somewhat confused, but wanting more! The game itself seemed pretty simple to control. The hangar is where my head wanted to explode, there was a lot going on there, and I pretty much spent all my starter credits on the ship I was given (that’s the idea I know). 


I’ve been playing MW:O primarily, and the mechanics of dropping into a match, fighting, and having repairs at the end seem similar (a feature they removed, but the game still does end of match money calculations using it i believe). 


I was very happy to see this in steam the other day, and I’m tossing the idea of the Elite pilot pack, but I need to see more of this game (I hope those packs are around for a couple of weeks). I’ve been looking for a space combat shooter for a long long time. I was hoping the space combat in SWTOR would’ve filled the void, but that game was so bad I think it gave me a form of cancer. I really loved the old Xwing Vs Tie Fighter games, and Tachyon w/ the voice of Bruce Campbell was a game I really loved. 


So, I hope to sit with it a little more and maybe drop into a fight today.

After spending some more time with the game, I’m enjoying it. I don’t play much, but the times I do, I like what I’ve seen.


I think the wait times for games are a little too long. I can see that this game is NOT pay 2 win, but more of pay for it now. I saw no major differences between the gold ships stats and normal ships stats of the same class. I also looked at the weapons and saw that there are blue weapons that cost a nice amount of currency, but statistically are the same as the gold, which were for those who want the item now. I’m assuming that gold ammo has the same premise. I have experienced server instability, but, I understand the game is in beta phase still, so I’ll deal. 


I think chat needs to be admin’d, it can get strange, and while in game, unless I missed the “how to” i didn’t see any way to communicate with teammates. I’d like to see another chat tab for “combat” so that you can move to that and chat with teammates.