what happened to the server. too high lag and too high loss packet!

it happened after patch 083, all day long the ping is higher than 400 and sometime loss packet more than 25%.


it used to be fine. well I mean still i have 200 ping but that is still able to play with. but now.


sometime if i press no button, move no mouse, the plane will swing or nod its head or dance on it’s own.


i know someone might think, oh, that’s your network’s problem. but since it used to be OK, I wonder how can i make time flow back?

Re log in and back. Sometimes it fixes stuff for me. 

so, you too eh? i been having such mass lag sence yester evening that the games almost unplayable, and i mean going from FULL GFX all settings as hi as they go running perfectly smooth n fluid that ppl come over and cant shut up about how godlike the game play/gfx are on my systems (yah i have many computers) anyway from perfection to chop chop skip lag, stutter lag lag back 5 frames, jump 10 frames, lock up a few seconds then zip around,


THIS NEEDS IMEDEAT ATTENTION, now some, we’ll get around to it,


and no JP. relog, reboot, driver reinstall, nothing on my systems end as STO/HAWKEN/COSMICBREAL and all other my hi speed twitch games arent acting up at all

Just confirmed, as of this post, im having SEVERE lag. Should be fixed later, I know the US is having alot of storms and power outages, so that could be the reason

I play from the UK and have never noticed an issue with packet loss, though I tend to play online games with the specs turned down to reduce potential issues like that.

Have you tried playing with lower settings? Does that make a difference?

UK based too and absolutely no problems.

I’m from the Philippines and i had played SC without latency on a connection that does not rise above 250ms ping.


Then said ISP derped bigtime, forcing me to use the second best option (and truth be told, this ISP i’m now using has better cable stakes than my old ISP), but they seem to have bad routing, instead routing thru India and Europe instead of USA.


I don’t know if you guys need some files but i can probably post a pingplot using my current ISP (as old ISP is now removed).


But here’s a screenshot. (bare IPs and competitors’ addresses and icons removed for safety):




As you can see, as soon as it enters the as6453.net area (aka Tata), the ping suddenly spikes from bearable sub-300ms, to ugh 300ms+. It even gets worse as it transitions from Tata to Realtime (retn.net). And this not only happens in the daytime, but it’s constant 24/7.

Also visited some other game forums found out that not only SC users in East Asia are affected by this, anyone that connects thru Tata is affected.

I’m wondering if i should contact Tata or Realtime and ask about this.