What happened to all the DLC bonuses?

I am lucky if I see 200k in T5 PVP. It did not used to be like this. 

I used to get minimum for a bad round 320,000, and a good round up to 750,000 

I paid alot for those bonuses. My synergy growth is very poor too. like 100,000 tops now, when 4 months ago it was like 300,000 to 600,000 a round.


I have every dlc plus nearly every ship maxed out. I am almost always the top 3 scores in the match. Makes no sense. 


I seem to get the same rewards for T3 but get punished for it in my pilot ratings. I just have 10 ships left to max out.

If anything I should be earning synergy faster because I maxed all the rest out.

Elite ships have a bonus to synergy gain. If you are leveling up ships your synergy gain will be lower.


Other than that, I haven’t noticed a synergy gain drop, nor credits. 

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just guessing: did you license expired?

The bonuses are still here.

I haven’t noticed any changes. With my license and standard ships in T5 I am getting around 300k per battle and close to 400k per battle using premiums. My synergy rate is fairly decent, and my fleet strength is 143. I don’t know what I get per day, but I get quite a bit using premium ships.

well in x4 seccon you can still get dat 600-750k syn/game on maxed ship

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How dare you edit my posts?!

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Well… you squashed me almost like a bug in those team battles yesterday, so I had to get SOME revenge… But at least I can assure you that the chat in the opposing team was very funny. If you could filter through the panic, that is.

I did that?



what panic? :008j:

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