What does the Previous User's Sig say to You?

Says it in the title. You have to have a sig to participate. You are allowed to say anything (conforming to forum rules). In fact, the more stupid you make it sound, the better. Enjoy!

Says to me he needs to get a better ship.  :taunt:

NASA does what NASA does best? 

Likes Oxymorons. Or Google.


Wants to sound insightful without making any sense. :stuck_out_tongue:

Im so confused about this thread that im questioning life…

Somewhat obsessed with sweet bread dough treats. 

Full of irony.

Fat fingers the N key rather randomly as… no fingers come near N when typing proud? :smiley: Sorry Twiddlez, I couldn’t pass that up.

Definition of word “random”.



Thinker, politically concerned, outspoken.

Pacifist, addicted to Star Conflict or both.

Tells me to hit things.

Granny wolf taught me not to hit people with big egos. :<

War is upon us.

i like turtles…

I like trains.

Guys, you need signatures to participate in this!