What does the Previous User's Profile Picture say to You?



Remember, the more stupid your answer is, the better!

The man who left to spread the joy of old spice, for the ladies, to the men.

Really enjoys it when users require a flash-light or other visual aids to see what’s on his avatar.

Intel IS evil.

Data formed like Honeycombs. Does the “J” symbolize it’s the J-walker Data-base? 

Data formed like Honeycombs. Does the “J” symbolize it’s the J-walker Data-base? 

It’s the id icon for 05-032 Medicant Bias.


The image itself belonged to AdjudantReflex.


I’d love to see how many people who don’t use Google even know what this is about, lol.




I am actually not sure with Oryngton, but it reminds me of the Protoss from StarCraft. 

Hyranics picture reminds me the Black Angel in Supernatural. xddplz.gifOr it looks like Homer Simpsons imagination when drinking beer.

It’s over 9000!!!

First thing I found on youtube about you 


be proud  :Dwop 




Aw, such nice reactions.   :Dwop 


zebra-heptagon.jpg?1313593619          J

Your picture is saying to me… uh… post-242430-0-96164700-1375772635.jpg



Throwing potions at a guy wearing a hazmat suit who is also wielding tnt.

And there’s a mob spawner.

In other words: minecraft logic. And get yourself a signature!

Po-po-po po-po-po-power!


What? Honeycombing is an extremely efficient way to construct something.


Railgun. 'nuff said.

star trek :slight_smile:


I’m really curious if anyone will identify my prof. picture :slight_smile: besides that you can obviously “insult” it as you wish, but give it a shot and try to figure out what my icon is :slight_smile:

Jericho guided torpedoes. Screen goes monochrome when you hit ‘F’.


I apologize, I really can’t recognize it to save my life.