What do you all think about "Faction Battles?"

One thing I’ve certainly missed in this game is a race battle: Straight Jericho on Empire action, or even Federation vs Federation!  I have been wanting to start a series of custom battles where this is just the case. 


Here’s how it would work:


  1. The nature of the battle is discussed and organized.  A Start Time is decided for the game.  Game tier, factions, and game style will be addressed.  

  2. Players sign up for the battles in advance, or we could do it on the fly…but probably with a lower turnout.  Players would choose their faction and be limited to only ships of that faction in battle.

  3. A custom team battle is set up at the Start Time (probably EU timezone).

  4. Each side uses their strengths against the opponents weaknesses in a glorious battle!


I think it would be awesome to see as much participation in these kinds of battles!  Faction Battles would be a great way to pull in some extra meta and really see how things might look like during the epic battles in the lore.  Some of these fights, I think, would be extraordinary due to the role gaps in some factions. An excellent example of this is the Jericho Engineer :smiley:


Anyways, what do you all think about “Faction Battles?”


chill. I wanna spectate these…

Also include Pirate, Cartel and Cyber as seperate factions loyal to [x].

This could make for some very interesting gameplay.


My thoughts for this style battle would be have teams register, without picking a side (maybe 8-man teams?). Then, the teams would be set up into a bracket system, and each team is randomly assigned a faction to play as for the first battle (draw from a hat or something, so that the teams fighting cannot be the same faction, or same faction can be allowed). Once the factions are assigned, players would have 10-15 minutes to figure out who flies what ships in that faction, then people will join their customs and fight.

Have the brackets run as single elimination, and each new round of battles, the winners of the previous round are again randomly assigned a faction to play as.


This could also work for a variety of gamemodes, or in any tier, although I feel like T3 is the best place to do this, so that the most people possible can participate. As far as gamemodes go, I’m not really sure which one would be best. Capture the Beacons, Combat Recon, or Team Battle would be the two I would lean towards, but each one poses different problems. For example, team battle could easily give emp/fed an advantage over jericho since jericho lacks an engie. CTB also makes emp/fed have an advantage in that they have recons.


Idk, it would be interesting to see how this would work.


EDIT: The above would be applicable if a full-blown tournament were to be launched.


EDIT: Maybe have the gamemode randomly selected for each battle out of these three: Capture the Beacons, Team Battle, Combat Recon

Jericho needs not engineers! we have lots of shield regeneration and defense, you see… 

We are very self-reliant when it comes to healing ourselves and staying alive. 

If we are assisted by another faction’s healer, we become somewhat stronger than we already are, but they are not needed.

Those engineers’ base healing cannot beat our self regeneration!


Jericho is the faction of skill with both flying ships and building them. The Empire is the faction that relies on killing the enemy before they can properly react, and the Federation is a mixture of the two, but it leans more to the Empire’s side.  

Bump. Let’s see some more votes and feed back :slight_smile:

Im not sure about it because every Star Conflict pilot is a mercenary working for his own. Also there was a game-mode similar to this idea, Sector Conquest, in which faction-juristdicted corporations fought between themselves. By me the return of renewed SQ is an interesting concept.

Sounds interesting, But aren’t we already just Mercs, fighting for which ever faction offers the bounty ?

This would add in the role-play element that the devs intended to put in at the start of the game, but didn’t, and the faction you choose means only using that faction’s ships. 

I actually would like a game-mode with this concept in mind.