Weld Thar'Ga



It’s a build that relies on short range and cheap tricks so i’ll try to explain what this hot mess is.

Its a burst damage gunship where i shortened the range on purpose to match the range of the Hive special module + i got more damage out of the weapon that way too. You go in for the kill with a combo, there are a few combo variations one can do with this build.

Hive+aiming overcharge+alien intuition= basic combo for all interceptors and fighters. For tough frigates and destroyers you need to be really close and trigger the Firestorm+energy converter to deal damage with missiles to both yourself and your target + force-feeding the energy converter for further damage. Don’t worry about dying because you have the emergency barrier and if need be reflected rage to save you but its a bit difficult with rage since its kinda short.

After the kill or fail, double press space button teleport to gtfo. Remember to deactivate the special mod before it goes out on its own because that way you will get enough healing to sustain your trips to valhalla and after 5 seconds the static shield regenerator kicks in and heals your shield. The shield is a buffer for damage basically so you can react in time before you get in real danger. The matter absorber is your secondary hull heal source so use it whenever, wherever, we’re meant to be together, I’ll be there and you’ll be near and that’s the deal my dear.

One nice trick is to finish off weak speedy annoying inties and sometimes fighters with reflected rage if you’re super sure that they have a lock on you but trying to run away. Basically it’s a surefire way to deal 400ish+ damage to finish them off or scare them.

For maximum damage output use this combo in close proximity to kill anything - hive+overcharge+intuition and then ec+firestorm within a second of the first combo and be ready to press the rage thingy if things get too edgy and deactivate manually the special to repair and teleport out. Keep in mind you blind yourself with intuition and the hive is there to guide you to your target, thus the short range on ions.

If i would spitball the damage output, you have 3975 dps, with 2244 being the base value dps before any buffs, intuition adds 55% damage (1234) = 5209 alpha dps, with aiming overcharge crit chance totals to 75%, you’re looking at a weapon that deals 5209 dps alpha and quite possibly additional 5365 dps once it starts dishing out crits like some alien Oprah, sooo, about 10574 possible burst dps.

But of course, there is this thing called resistances and stuff which lower that number in the end but it’s quite a nice thing to have anyway. The drones btw add 3x836 = 2508 dps total and the ec+firestorm are a sh**storm of damage of its own.

So if you activate the basic combo, you will deal about 12.5k dps for 6 seconds before intuition runs out, then deactivate drones before they run out to get heals (7sec) and continue with the next 3 seconds of about 8k dps before overcharge runs out. You might wanna stop before the ions get to overheating and just wait to cool them down a bit and then, if you can, hit the target with another round of just raw ions at your disclosure.

While doing all that consider using ec+firestorm to speed things up with the kill (12760 explosive damage that constantly feeds the EC when you hit yourself in the process).

Soo, 12.5k for 6 sec, 8k for 3 sec, 12.7k from firestorm and the ec adding at least just as much all over again = 75k+24k+12.7k+12.7k= 124.4k raw damage over 9 seconds with a weapon that can lower resistance up to 80pts and keep in mind that explosive damage from firestorm can deal more damage to frigates and destroyers by default.


Granted that ping and the overall difficulty of using laser weaponry act as the deciding factors in all of my unicorn numbers i spewed here, i will however completely ignore it and not say its super difficult to play this and leave it to you to discover the harsh truth of this yolo solo build.

The crew implants dont have anything special i could add a notice on or something. Hope you enjoy it tho ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)


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Also known as the Face-Melter Superior

[@ORCA1911](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/254263-orca1911/) - any changes to the bulid?

Nope, its the same build even today.

Thanks for sharing your build.
It really help me to build my own thar’ga.



Orange circle = I will select in the near future


So far so good, medium speed but has hard tanking (Feels like frigate)
The only I miss here is a normal special module that boosts rate of fire
Second module ( currently engine boost ) is going to be either a Crystal Drone or an Alien Intuition.


Its quite an old build now but i still fly it, its fun ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)