Weighty Arguments


An urgent task from the Broker! This is a time-limited offer. The task will be valid till 03-00 MSK August 8th.

The Broker’s mission

  • Complete the mission ‘Pirate Fort Raid’ in less tan 10 minutes 5 times, getting at least 2500 effectiveness points.
  •  As a reward you will receive a unique Alien module blueprint ‘Energy converter’ for installation on all rank 6 ships except destroyers!

Scientists confirmed speculation about the existence of a special Alien device — Signal Converter. It seems that this device or organ serves as their brain, motor, and power plant. The problem is that this theory is based only on the study of hunter remains. The latest incident with the loss of control of prototypes is forcing Ellydium to take it slow, and project management requires more weighty arguments. A live Crystallid could become the ideal material for experiments. With the help of my connections I managed to find a suitable storage facility. Your task is to capture and deliver the specimen.

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