weekly battles

This thread is about organizing battles once or twice a week at a scheduled time frame for higher Ranks/Tiers. This is not a corp vs corp event. Please no off topic posts!!


  • flying your high ranked ships where you usually have low/no population in PvP

  • Opportunity to try out new/different configuration of your ship in PvP

  • Synergize (level up) your high ranked ships

  • improve your skill flying your ship

  • If custom battle is used: more balanced matches and probably less wait time



No spawn camping

Be civil in chat and game

Time/timezone for battles:

US-Pacific time (GMT/UTC -8hours)
7-9pm Thursdays and Sundays (that is 03:00 – 05:00 UTC/GMT on the next day)

If someone steps up and organizes the event for another time/time zone please post it.




Rank 10-12 (Tier4) only, nothing higher or lower, while bringing only one T4 ship may work it is encouraged to have at least 2 T4 in you ship line up 


Game Mode:

Beacon hunt (Domination may work too), but no Capture the beacons 
It will be Custom normal/regulated battle to receive rewards


exclude the maps Devils Jaw, Lava Spins, Northern Mining Station, Dreadnought Debris

Game size:
at least 4 on each team, max maybe 8 on each team to reduce possible lag


Where do I find/join the battle?:
In the game send a PM (Private Message) to enny when your are ready at the time frame this event takes place
Go to Custom Battle and join the game of the game host mentioned in the english chat


Squads size:

any size should be fine, if there are not enough player then you may need to reduce the squad size so the match can be properly balanced


What are the next steps?

waiting for more players to participate coming Thursday(s) and Sunday(s)





Battles organized by others:

NeoCodex from Wolfpack corporation posted that they’ll do daily T4 battles at 19:00 hours CET (Central European Time, UTC/GMT +1, that is 11am US-Pacific time)

Check her for details (rules and setup is different than mentioned here): [http://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?/topic/22432-t4-pvp-proposal/](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/22432-t4-pvp-proposal/)



P.S.: This first post will be updated when there is anything to add/change.

This event is not affiliated with NASA but you’ll meet some NASA pilots in battle!

If Im on count me in buddy!

sorry, at 03-05, UTC there is like 500-900 players online.


also T4 is matched with T5 in order to reach less queue time for lvl 13-15 ships.


so only custom would keep this in t4. 

Sound good. 

I’ve been tempted to start a corp just for making T4 alive.  If I’m on I’ll look for it, but no guarantees.

Thanks. I don’t ask for an attendance commitment here, everyone has a real life. Right now I’d like to get some feedback on my suggestion for this event and additional thoughts. Or if someone has a better idea…


So this is to setup the framework for the event. How many will participate is up to everyone’s interest and schedule. Even if only 10 players show up, it is still better than nothing.

Now, to get a lineup worthy of such an event… I need to use the sale.

Pacific time, especially this late is a no go. Count +9 for EU, +10+ for Russians. Maybe Friday or Saturday would be ok, EU could play in the morning, but Thursday and Sunday are just not good (workday after them).

Unfortunately, this time will not work for majority of the WolfPack. We would need an event hosted at euro-friendly times.

I understand that. You can make a suggestion for a time etc. that fits your time zone but it is up to you (or whoever steps up for your timezone) to organize the battles ingame (and/or in a chat).

Around 6pm-9pm PST is around the absolute dead time for T4.  There will normally only be one or two people in the queue if any at all.

People this is the entire point of the battles.   Some of you have heard of or even attended a few of the ESB custom battles before.   This is what we’re looking to do except for US timezones.   


Also everybody knows the T4+ queue is dead during US prime, so even those pilots who do have T4+ ships to synergize usually end up equipping T3 and farming loyalty vouchers.  This is your opportunity to both synergize your T4 ships  and  farm loyalty at a quick pace during off hours.    No wait time in the queue looking for games, and teams are automatically balanced.

So I just updated the first post.

We aim for Thursday this week for the first battles. I added some maps to exclude and what game mode to play. Please let me know if you have any objections or other suggestions.

What about weekend battles a little earlier, where also europeans can attend (like at midnight for us).

im down ive got like 2 t4 ships :slight_smile: if im on ill come

So ill just bring my sec con lineup then: 3 t4 and a black swarm

What about weekend battles a little earlier, where also europeans can attend (like at midnight for us).

We can try it on this Saturday, but I won’t be able to organize/attend it on most following Saturdays.

What exact time do you have in mind on Saturday? Midnight until 02:00 in the morning CET (Central European time)?

That would be 3pm - 5pm US Pacific time.

Thursdays won’t work for me sadly.  I’ve got night courses that’ll prevent me from playing.  Mondays and Fridays work, as well as the weekend.

I urge those to look at this for some fun


[http://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?/topic/22416-gm-hosted-event-gm-barrage/](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/22416-gm-hosted-event-gm-barrage/)

To make it easier for me I change how to “find” a match:
In the game send a PM (Private Message) to enny when your are ready at the time frame this event takes place.