[Weeklong special] Increased rewards for pilots of ranks 1-7 (Discussion)

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But why though. All the way to R9, progression is so easy. If anything, it should be from 9+. XD



To make the game feel lively for new players? Specials & missions & assignments  are a method in SC to steer the player base, in a way.


I thinlk its ok.

SC needs new players and is trying to market/advertize the game and fund organizing it through community building and corp generation and funding engagement in media.


P.S.: I cannot feel an increase in rewards at least not in credits per battle (~150k/battle pvp)

I really want to know how many players are actually playing Tier I and II.

5-6  new player in my team^^, :). (very small gift hihi)


I see a lot of player “Ace”, and some player come back… ok we are not 10000000000000M of player^^ sure, but the game is not dead. Don’t forget… no reward for Ace = no Ace in game = game down. (I know, you know that)

This has been great and a big shout out to MM today. MM was the best its been for months today. 12 vs 12 for most the matches and LOTS of fun.  ![:fed012:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/fed012.png “:fed012:”)