[Weekend Special] A unique opportunity to get Tai'Kin special module ‘Return Crystal’ components!Bonuses to synergy and credits!


Pilots, the celebrations continue! It’s time to prepare the fleet for new victories and build the new Ellydium recon interceptor Tai’Kin among the first!

Special weekend offer!

  • +50% synergy in battle
  • +50% credits in battle
  • A unique opportunity to get Tai’Kin special module ‘Return Crystal’ components*

Special module ‘Return Crystal’ allows the pilot to utilise unusual tactics in battle. A crystal acting as a warp-beacon is separated from the ship. When reactivated, the ship with the surrounding area of space and even with enemy ships that fall into this area, moves to the beacon.The beacon is vulnerable to ramming. Damage to the ship during activation is recovered.

*A special container with special module components can be found in trophy search after battle on ships of ranks 8, 11 and 14. You can open the container with 300 Iridium.

Stay tuned! Do not miss the next specials on new Ellydium ships unique special modules!

Yours faithfully,
Star Conflict team